What Our Patients are Saying:

"I have had much improvement learning how important exercise is. Would like to continue." - Mary B., February 21, 2014

"The Physical Therapy that I received here at Progressive Physical Therapy has definitely made me a believer. I thought that PT was just about helping patients live with their conditions. What I found was a healing experience that enabled me to move rapidly to my state & health before the injury." - M.Y., February, 10th, 2014

"My name is Sory. The first time I was admitted at PPTI was suffering very much. My knee used to hurt me all the time; watching TV, walking, coming down the stairs or running. After a couple of visits to PPT my knee felt very strong and the pain was almost gone. The personnel is fantastic! They cared for me, helped me, explained all different types of exercise which were best for me, I felt I was the only patient at PPT. They are very friendly and knowledgeable. I really appreciate all PPT’s personnel! Thank you very much!" - Sory, December, 21st, 2013

"I came to PPT after three weeks of at home therapy.From day one we had a plan and we executed it in a clean and friendly environment. You feel that everyone here is invested in your progress. Much thanks to Rosie who always made me smile, to Ben with his steady demeanor, to David with his positive attitude and feedback. The work has been hard, but the atmosphere was conductive to excellent rehabilitation." - Michael, December, 11th, 2013

"My treatment at Progressive Physical Therapy has been a very positive experience. My symptoms have improved, but what I believe is most important is that I now have the knowledge to continue to strengthen my neck on my own. The staff at PPT is very knowledgeable and extremely friendly. I would definitely recommend their services to others." - Vincent Palmiere, December, 2013

"In 2005 my doctor recommended that I make an appointment with PPT to address a persistent back problem. After treatment ended, I joined the [Continuing Therapy Through Fitness] maintenance program. I have been participating in the program continuously for the last five years. The program addressed my needs and, as various aches and pains attacked my now 78 year old body, modifications to the program have been made and I have been advised regarding new ways to address each problem. In every case the problem has been alleviated. As I work on the machines on my own, the staff makes sure to correct my exercise technique. The staff is very pleasant and facility is almost like a club. You're not alone, you're working with friends - others who also come to workout on a continual basis become your friends." - B.B.

"The osteoporosis regime has strengthened me, I felt 100% difference in movement and flexibility. Everyone at the office is wonderful. It has been a pleasure to work so hard! I know this will be most beneficial and I have been given a follow-up regimen. I would like other women with osteoporosis to be aware of this option - it is empowering, like yoga, which I also do. I would definitely recommend the staff." - G.A.

"I have been to four physical therapists over the past four years in the Washington, D.C. area, and all of them, with the noted exception of Progressive Physical Therapy, the staff were, at best, apathetic and overworked, from the front desk, to the therapists and assistants. At Progressive Physical Therapy all the staff displayed professionalism and the commitment to doing the right thing, every time that is absent in too many places in the medical field ... From making appointments, processing insurance claims ... to the unique blend of knowledge, wisdom, optimism and caution offered by the physical therapy staff." - D.Z.

"I had a number of my commercial roofers undergo back strength training therapy under your care on the Med-X equipment. I am happy to report that none of those employees has had any back problems ... I also went through the program with great success ... I look forward to continuing on the Med-X as a regular part of my exercise regimen." - C.D.

"I was attracted to this practice because they have a strong emphasis on treating spinal problems. Prior to coming, I often experienced intermittent numbness, tingling, and pain in my hands, arms, and neck. I have experienced improved strength and flexibilityt since coming to physical therapy. My symptoms have been significantly improved, and more importantly to me, I feel I have actions I can take to keep things from getting worse." - Anon

"The staff have been very knowledgeable, work closely with me, and make me feel comfortable. The facilities are great - the Med-X neck machine has made my neck much stronger. The therapists have given me great guidance and feedback as I am doing the exercises. I am very pleased." - J.R.

"At the first visit I was quite concerned that I would have to have further lower lumbar intervention. Your [Progressive Physical Therapy] direction to physical therapy has far exceeded my expectations. I feel able to maintain my physical health without causing further deterioration." - J.G.

"When I came for PT, my shoulder was hurting most of the time. I couldn't reach behind my back or sleep on my left side without a lot of pain. LPN said we could do steroids or try PT. I'm very glad I went for PT." - Anon

"With a combination of visits to PPT and home exercises, I have improved drastically in my range of motion and have been able to resume my former activities. The staff was very friendly and caring and must be really good, because I got better fast! I appreciate their good work." - D.L.

"Prior to coming to PPT I felt pain when I sat, walked and lay down. No position was comfortable. The muscles in my back were tight and merciless. After just eight sessions I am in no pain and my back is stronger and more flexible that I can ever remember. Now, armed with the exercises I learned to do at PPT, I feel confident that my back pain episodes are at an end." - J.L.

"I consulted a doctor with a complaint about not being able to move my right shoulder without pain, and that I subsequently had limited the use of my right arm. The doctor did not see any obvious surgical solutions and suggested PT. After this course of PT I have regained much of the desired range of motion and the pain is mostly gone. In addition I fell better educated about my condition and how exercise can help prevent this condition." - K.S.

"When I began physical therapy several weeks ago, I had severe pain in the area of my right shoulder blade which sometimes radiated to adjacent areas and often woke me up at night. Today, I am completely free of that pain and discomfort thanks to the diligent and skilled treatments I have received at Progressive Physical Therapy." - Anon

"My right shoulder feels almost as good as new. I gave it a good workout on the tennis courts yesterday and again today, testing my serve in particular. If anything, my serve is as good or better than it was before the injury last week. I think this speaks well of the management and professionalism that I experienced under the perceptive eye of Mr. Schaefer and his associates. I would not hesitate to recommend [Progressive Physical Therapy] to friend or foe." - G.M.