About Us

Progressive Physical Therapy (PPT) has been successfully treating patients with orthopedic and neurological conditions since 2004. Our specialty in spine care and has been designed for patients who have not responded well to other types of intervention.

PPT's staff members are experienced in treating both pre- and post-operative knee, shoulder and joint conditions, as well as connective tissue issues. We also treat conditions, which include but are not limited to arthritis, diabetes, ligament reconstruction, and joint replacement.

The PPT Difference

Our therapeutic programs place the patient at the forefront of treatment, with state-of-the art interventions proven to produce effective and significant results, such as:

  • Unique capacity to measure soft tissue function and status using MedX® lumbar, cervical spine testing, and rehabilitation tools.
  • Application of function-centered, not pain-centered, treatment protocols.
  • Outcome driven protocols with specific end point resolutions based on objective patient progress.
  • A continual ongoing dialogue with the referring doctor which includes regular progress reports, treatment plans, and suggestions regarding our services that may be of benefit to the patient.
  • Utilization of hands on treatment when indicated, with minimal reliance on traditional modalities.
  • All treatments are done with application of the American College of Sports Medicine protocols in regard to guidelines for general strength.
  • Our staff is extensively trained in rehabilitation, exercise science, body mechanics, and physical therapy.
  • Each individual program is directed and supervised by a licensed physical therapist.